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Distinguished by his absolute dedication and commendable vision, Jay’s consistency, candor and respect to all he encounters quickly sets him apart as someone who just ‘gets it’. His quiet confidence and genuine partnership with clients have seen him entrusted with the sale of innumerable homes, estates and developments as well as commercial leasing, sales and asset management.

With over 20 years’ experience with Harris Tripp, Jay’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the core values that have benefited Harris Tripp the trusted reputation it holds today.

“I’d like to say ‘what you see is what you get’ with Jay because he is a testament to the word genuine, but it would discredit the dedication and commitment that you see behind the scenes. Generous with his time and energy, Jay allows his complete attention to everything he undertakes.

He truly sets a new standard of service and excellence for his team and clients. There is no doubt he leaves a remarkable impact on those who have the benefit of working with him." - As told by a client.


- Bachelor of Business/ Commerce
- Masters of Property & Development
- Licensed Real Estate Agent

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I have nothing but praise for Jay and Natalie. They are a terrific team and from the moment they took on the challenge of selling our block of flats, they were fully committed to the task. Jay is a terrific…
Jay and his team worked very hard to get us an amazing result of the day of auction. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Jay and his team were thorough in all the preparation work to get our mothers house ready for…
Jay had great communication, he always responded quickly and was incredibly approachable. He gave great advice and put me in contact with a range of people who can assist me in my future house plans. I’m really happy with the…
As a buyers agent I work with many real estate sales agent professionals. Jay's easy going manner, patience and unpretentious attitude is refreshing. Thank you Jay for giving our FHB clients the time and attention you did. We appreciate your…
Jay explained the selling process right from the start. He kept me updated throughout the campaign and brought his considerable experience into play wherever needed. His advice was spot on and his team performed extremely well, professional and courteous. Thanks…
From the moment we discussed selling out property with Jay we felt confident that we had chosen the right agent. He gave us information about the market and what we could expect to realistically achieve. He always answered calls, emails…

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