The top 5 reasons to have your rental property professionally photographed

April 18, 2016

The top 5 reasons to have your rental property professionally photographed

The home rental market is extremely competitive and you have mere seconds to grab a potential tenant’s attention as they sift through online listings. It’s crucial that your property’s photos stand out. Here’s why we advise our clients to engage the services of a professional photographer, specialising in real estate photography.


1. Rent your home faster
Each week your property remains vacant means lost rental income. Professional photos draw more attention to your listing, resulting in more clicks from potential tenants. We understand concerns about cost, but professional photos can mean the difference between losing weeks of rental income and having a seamless transition between tenants. It is essential to properly market your property, so it’s worth investing in professional photos to speed up the rental process and secure your next tenant.
On average rental listings with professional photographs have the best chance of being leased in their first week and on average are leased 70% faster.

2. Professional photos show off your home
Professional photographers capture high-quality interior and exterior shots of your rental property that are of the same quality as those used for selling homes. While re-using old photos or using mobile phone camera pictures can seem resourceful, it can end up costing you. Poor photos with bad lighting degrade your property by making it appear smaller or dingy, which is a turn-off for potential tenants. On the other hand, a skilled real estate photographer knows how to use lighting, colour and composition to make your property look fresh, appealing and welcoming.

3. Professionals know the tricks for creating the best listing photos
Photos that enhance the attractiveness of your property require an understanding of lighting, which is a major factor in making spaces look clean and inviting and create the desired ambience for your property. Real estate photographers also understand how to use angles and have experience in styling and staging properties for photo shoots to make them appear as attractive and clutter-free as possible, in order to create greater demand and enquiry. Greater demand and enquiry also lead to a higher rental yield.

4. Professional photos attract a higher calibre of tenant
In a savvy market, the quality of the photos in your listing will inevitably attract better quality tenants and will ensure you achieve optimal rent.

5. Professional photos are a smart investment
Professional photos are considered a tax deduction and if nothing significant has changed in your property, the photos can also be reused for future rentals. This can be very helpful if your current tenants don’t properly present the home or are unwilling to allow photographs while still in the residence. High-quality photos may also become a vital part of your accurate records of the home’s pre-lease condition.

Professional photography isn’t a luxury these days, it’s a necessity, with research suggesting that professionally photographed properties receive far greater levels of enquires, are leased faster and for a greater rental return than those properties that are not.
If you are interested in having your investment property professionally photographed, please speak to your Property Manager on or contact our Head of Property Management Maria Pakis on 8752 4526 and we will arrange for our photographer to capture your property, with amazing results.


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